Gerade entdeckt: Brand Quarterly, eine interessante Website, sehr up to date mit guten Inhalten über Markenführung in der digitalen Transformation. Hier ein Link zu einer Story über Virtual Reality und ihren Nutzen für die Markenführung.

This year is poised to be the year of Virtual Reality (VR) for brands. In fact, it’s predicted that this will be the VR industry’s first billion-dollar year – with the potential for market growth of up to 150 billion by 2020. And VR isn’t just for gamers anymore – brands of all types and sizes have watched heavyweight innovators like Google and Red Bull experiment with the platform – successfully driving deeper, more meaningful experiences for their customers. It’s only a matter of time before broader, more widespread adoption takes place across the enterprise.

Source: Is Virtual Reality The New Tech Frontier For Brands? – Brand Quarterly